Our classes

Our classes

At Enlightener Education all classes are taught by experienced English speaking foreign teachers.

 Ages 3-6 – English Enlightenment Classes 

Ages 3-6 students. We focus on cultivating interest in learning, helping the children establish a good sense of the language to lay a solid foundation for future English study. All classes are carried out in a lively way and include a variety of games to help the children develop a strong grasp of the English language.

Ages 7-12 years – Primary School English Classes

Recommended for students aged 7 to 12. We focus on listening, speaking, reading and writing English. This includes an assessment to best determine the students English level and appropriate class.

 Ages 12 – 15   English Classes

Students aged 12 to 15. We focus on the students whose oral English is more fluent and accurate, and help them to improve their reading ability and skills, expand their vision for a deeper understanding of western culture.

Phonics Fun

Recommended for ages 3 and up. This class is for children with very basic or no English ability. The Phonics Fun class encourages the learning of English used in everyday life through music, games, rhymes and stories. Picture and word flashcards are used to ensure that even children with the most basic English level can understand and learn from each class. This class is a great starting point for every English learner as it encourages the correct pronunciation and use of everyday English.

Longman Welcome to English

This class is suitable for children with the ability to read and write basic English. The Longman Welcome to English class consists of four books: Welcome to English, an introduction to the lessons vocabulary and phonics used in each class. Reading and Writing, a variety of short stories and questions to help the children grasp the meaning of what they are reading and learning. Pre-task English, a variety of tasks and games to encourage the students to use the new vocabulary in their own environment. Grammar, this book ‘fine tunes’ what the students have learnt to ensure accurate English reading, writing and speaking.

Longman Elect

This is for 3 years and up. These books use the SMILE teaching method. Skill – oriented learning, Multi – sensory learner motivation, Intelligence – building activities, Long – term memory storage of the language through music, movement, rhythm and rhyme, Exciting stories and games. The SMILE method of teaching helps the children to use their own creative resources to strengthen and increase their language ability. The different activities included in the class ensure all students can enjoy different aspects of learning a new language.

Good English

This class is for one-on-one tutoring. The class is personalised for each child according to their English ability and needs. The class is based on short stories from the Good English book series. The children are encouraged to increase their English ability through reading, writing and speaking. One-on-one classes are a great way to speed up your child’s English ability, the teacher is able to focus completely on where your child needs help or improvement and adjust the class accordingly.