English corner

Every Saturday Enlightener has an open class that features a fun activity, games or something cultural. Please see below some of our previous classes. These classes are quickly filled so please be sure to book your spot in advance.

treasure hunt

During this English Corner class the children made their own pirate eye patches before going outside on a treasure hunt. We made two teams who had to find maps hidden around the community. Both teams raced to be the first to find the treasure at the end.

Little scientists

Enlightener Education regularly has a “little scientists” class where the children can make and test out different experiments. For this class they started by making a volcano and forest (including dinosaurs). Finally they added the secret ingredients to see their volcanoes explode. 

fun with food

With the weather warming up outside it was nice for this English corner class to stay inside and the children had fun making faces, snowmen and owls from different fruit.